INOAC LIVING production takes place at the Kofu factory in Yamanashi, which is surrounded by rich natural systems like Mount Fuji and the Miami Range. With a history of nearly 60 years. We have started producing PU foam cushions for the first time with the brand name Color Foam. Since then, we continue to produce useful items such as bedding, pillows, medical supplies and consumer products throughout Japan.

The physical data of strong / Technology

Apply the dump tool for the output buffer. This this app is used in sofa seat and pillows. For the products of the INOAC LIVING, they are the end of the physical data output and the engine that made in which the INOAC, the Vendor in the Vendor in the 60 years.
We are upgraded to over the buffer adjustment with changing hard and the density of PU foam with the roof and the touch roofing on the roof.

We are used in the physical materials and from the other products in the same location, to produce the own products of the feature and the utility.
We are used in the physical materials and from the other products in the same location, to produce the own products of the feature and the utility.

Selectable comfortable roof

The comfort of the sofa and bedding pillow depends on the material inside.

The comfort of a bed mattress with the same thickness will change significantly if the material inside is different.
Choosing the right materials is essential for a material manufacturer such as INOAC LIVING. We understand more than 400 different materials, allowing us to apply the best ingredients to the best way to emphasize comfort in sitting, resting and even in the sleep.
Comfort is created from the selection of materials carefully.

Stick with Japanese origin

INOAC LIVING manufactures our products by working with factories throughout Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. We take advantage of the rationalization of the process from raw materials development to product planning, design, production, maintenance and sales, using the high quality materials provided. by INOAC.

We develop products by adding ideas and perceptions to high quality materials

We have achieved ISO 9001: 2015 certification [Registration Number: JQA-QMA11651] * HIGASHI NIHON INOAC is the parent factory of INOAC LIVING

Work on quality criteria

All INOAC LIVING factories are ISO 9001 certified and work to produce safe, reliable products based on specifications meeting international quality standards. In addition, our plants are equipped with laboratories, and we have established our own rigorous evaluation criteria to test the strength and durability of the product. All finished products manufactured by this method are handcrafted and carefully tested, and then delivered directly to our customers.

Japanese quality to the whole world

INOAC LIVING uses the entire INOAC Group’s international network around the world to provide quality Japanese products to the global market. We can even supply materials in overseas manufacturing facilities under quality control and distribute the products that best fit the culture and needs of each country through Helped by local staffs who are knowledgeable about Japanese quality.