Which product brands has INOAC produced and distributed in the Vietnam market?

“Until now, INOAC has been developing a large distribution network with two Japanese mattress brands AEROFLOW and OYASUMI. Aeroflow mattress has brought the mattress that completely supports the body’s natural curve and conducts comfort feelings, from then enhanced Vietnamese sleep quality. Continuing the success of AEROFLOW, INOAC has brought the mattress brand OYASUMI coming with high quality and reasonable price for Vietnamese consumers.
Additionally, INOAC has directly imported the sofa brand ATEASE from Japan with a modern and innovative style to meet Vietnamese people needs of using safe and high-quality Japanese furniture. “

Where are Aeroflow & Oyasumi mattresses produced?

“All AEROFLOW and OYASUMI mattresses are produced by INOAC Vietnam – directly under INOAC Corporation – strictly following Japanese technologies and processes in accordance with INOAC Corporation policy.
Additonally, ATEASE products are imported directly from Japan.”

Which material does INOAC Corporation use for mattress and sofa?

The material INOAC Corporation used in mattress and sofa production is Polyurethane foam. Inoac Corporation has been a leading producer of PU foam in Asia since 1954. It is a highly-durable material of the future with many adjustable features such as firmness, elasticity, air permeability. Out of over 300 existing PU Foam types, INOAC Corporation has researched and applied PU Foam types featuring ideal firmness, high elasticity, and high air permeability for the Vietnam market.

Which ceritifcates does INOAC mattresses and sofas' quality meet?

INOAC Corporation delivers strong commitment in every product:
– OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class I: PU Foam meets the human-ecological requirements of the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX presently established in Appendix 6 for babies and infants up to 36 months of age.
– Japan Industrial Standards (JIS): After 80,000 times of continuous compression and release at a compression rate of 50%, PU Foam in the mattress and sofa core has a recovery rate of up to 98%.
– INOAC Corporation standards assure the high quality of each products.
– International Sleep Products Association (USA) has certified INOAC Living as an official member of ISPA.

Do the mattresses and sofas of INOAC Corporation sag or sink?

PU Foam in AEROFLOW and OYASUMI mattress and Atease sofa cores all meet the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS). Accordingly, the resilience of the mattress and sofas core is up to 98% after 80,000 compressions and releases at a compression rate of 50%.

AEROFLOW and OYASUMI mattresses have a warranty time of 10 and 7 years respectively.
The material INOAC Corporation uses in mattress production is PU Foam with physical properties such as insignificant slight deformation after using in a period of time. Therefore, the warranty policy is only applied in case of the product is sagging and broken PU foam.

Do the mattresses of INOAC Corporation have any unpleasant smell?

In the early time of using, you will probally exerience the chemical odor emmited from PU foam mattress. However, this smell causes no harm to your health and will dissipate shortly.

How often should a mattress be replaced?

Health experts over the world recommend that consumers should change mattresses after every 5-7 years of use. Since after 7 years of using, every mattress can be accumulated about 3,000 bacteria per gram of dust, 500 liters of sweat secreted by the body when sleeping, and a lot of oil, dead skin, mold can cause diseases related to respiratory and skin.
If used correctly, a mattress’s lifespan can be up to 7 – 10 years, which is also the warranty period that INOAC Corporation applies on AEROFLOW and OYASUMI mattresses.

Source: The Better Sleep Council

How to use a mattress correctly?

To extend the mattress longevity, our valued customers please carefully read and follow the use instructions enclosed in each product:
– Place the product on a flat surface without any sharp objects since it causes damage to the mattress
– Use a bedsheet on the mattress surface.
– Use a waterproof cover to protect the mattress from sweat and humidity.
– The outer cover can be removed and washed. After washing, dry the outer cover thoroughly before use.
– Do not wash the inner cover and mattress core of PU Foam.

What products does AEROFLOW brand have?

Aeroflow is an integrated brand of Japanese bedding with the desire to bring fresh inspiration to your sleep. Aeroflow brand has 4 mattress types as the following:
AEROFLOW fCloud pillow
AEROFLOW iCool pillow
Additionally, we have constantly researched and innovated to develop new products that meet customer desires.

Which material are AEROFLOW Japanese mattresses made of?

AEROFLOW mattresses are made of PU Foam that features ideal firmness, high ventilation, and elasticity. Key PU Foam in the Aeroflow mattress is Mixel Cube exclusively invented by the Japanese INOAC Corporation with outstanding air ventilation, especially suitable with the climate of Vietnam.

What is covered by an AEROFLOW mattress warranty?

An AEROFLOW mattress is covered by 10-year limited warranty since the purchasing date with the detects causing by manufacturer and arising under the conditions of normal use.
The warranty policy:
– Please present the original purchase invoice and warranty card when contacting the authorized dealers for warranty.
– The warranty does not cover the mattress outer & inner cover.
– Please pay total logistics fee arises when delivering to the authorized dealers for warranty.

Where can I purchase Aeroflow products?

Aeroflow mattresses are exclusively distributed throughtout nationwide Vuanem showrooms

– The biggest retailer of mattresses and other bedding products in Vietnam.
Please contact hotline 1800 2092 or visit the nearest store for purchasing: https://vuanem.com/stores

What products does OYASUMI brand have?

OYASUMI brand is originally inherited from the brand Color Foam with more than 4 billion mattresses being sold over the last 60 years in Japan. OYASUMI brand has 6 products as the following:
OYASUMI Original
In terms of thickness, OYASUMI has the following thicknesses: 90 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm that come with the design of one fold, three fold mattress to satisfy customers’ needs.

Which material are OYASUMI Japanese mattresses made of?

OYASUMI mattresses are made of one or several PU Foam types selected from over 300 PU Foam types. The PU Foam used to make OYASUMI mattresses has ideal firmness, high ventilation, elasticity and safety, in order to bring the perfect sleep to Vietnamese people.

What is included in OYASUMI mattress warranty?

An OYASUMI mattress is covered by a 7-year warranty counted from the purchasing date with the faults caused by manufacturer, under the conditions of normal use. The warranty policy:

– Please present the original purchase invoice and warranty card when contacting the authorized dealers for warranty..

– The warranty does not cover the mattress outer & inner cover.

– Please pay for any total transportation fee arised when delivering to the authorized dealers for warranty.”

Where can I purchase Oyasumi mattress?

Oyasumi mattresses and other bedding accessories are now distributed in a large network of authorized dealers. For more information, please contact us via the hotline: 1800 1569 or our official Fanpage Đệm Nhật Bản – INOAC イノアック (https://www.facebook.com/inoacvietnam/)

What products does ATEASE brand have?

ATEASE is a Japanese furniture brand that pursues minimalism and comfortable style. Currently, there are 06 types of sofa products as the following:
– Baguette sofa: https://inoacliving.vn/en/san-pham/baguette-sofa-chair/
– Ride LT: https://inoacliving.vn/en/san-pham/ride-lt/
– Kabul LT: https://inoacliving.vn/en/san-pham/kabul-lt/
– Backrest Cushion LT:https://inoacliving.vn/san-pham/nem-tua-lung-lt/
– Lyon FJ:
– Marce FJ:
ATEASE products are imported directly from Japan with diverse style, colors, as well as functions.

Which material are Japanese sofa ATEASE made of?

ATEASE sofas are all made of one or several different types of PU Foam. PU Foam is a material that has various advantages: ideal firmness, high ventilation, elasticity and safety, so it has the ability to bring the great comfort to Vietnamese people. ATEASE sofas are made with KOYO stainless steel in order to easily adjust the angle.
The materials are eco-friendly and meet the certificates of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OEKO-TEX Standard 100…

How to use ATEASE sofa correctly?

To extend the sofa lifespan, please carefully read and follow the instructions coming with each product:
– Do not take any sharp objects on the sofa since it might cause damage to the sofa.
– Do not wash the cover, the sofa core or the PU Foam player.

Where can I purchase ATEASE Japanese sofa?

ATEASE sofa and other products are distributed by Thegioisofa.com.
Please contact hotline 1800 2092 or visit the nearest store for purchasing: https://thegioisofa.com/shop/sofa-nhap-khau/sofa-nhap-khau-nhat-ban/

Where can I find the official information of INOAC's Japan mattresses?

Please kindly find information on official channels as below:
1. Official website:
– INOAC Living Vietnam: https://inoacliving.vn;
– AEROFLOW brand: http://www.aeroflow.vn/;
2. Official Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/inoacvietnam/;
3. Hotline (free of charge): 1800 1569 or (+84-24) 3219 1568
4. Showroom (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, working days) at 3rd Floor, Hoa Binh International Towers, No. 106 Hoang Quoc Viet, Nghia Do, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam;
5. Email: contact@inoacliving.vn

Can I order an customized-size mattress? How long does it take to receive the mattress from the date of order confirmation?

Besides regular-size mattresses (1200 x 2000 mm, 1600 x 2000 mm, 1800 x 2000 mm, and 2000 x 2200mm), INOAC Living Vietnam also produces customized-size mattresses. Please contact the authorized dealers of INOAC Living or Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/inoacvietnam

Can I order a large quantity of INOAC's mattreses?

INOAC can produce a large quantity of Japan-quality mattress for big projects (hotel, motel, etc.). Please contact us via hotline: 1800 1569 or send your information to our email: contact@inoacliving.vn.