When to replace your pillows?

Optimizing your bedding plays an important role in setting yourself up for a good night’s sleep. This involves cleaning your pillow regularly and replacing it when necessary to bring out the best sleep quality. Let’s discuss when you should replace your pillow and why it is important! Why is it important to replace your pillow?…

How to choose the best pillow for your sleeping position?

We all know that pillows help us feel more comfortable and get to sleep easier. However, more than that, using the right pillow is the key to alignment. It keeps your spine neutral and supports the natural cervical curve of your neck and back. Therefore, in addition to your personal preference, you should also pay…

Sleeping postures for lower back pain

Back pain is becoming one of the most popular health issues for office workers across the world. It is caused by not only serious medical conditions but also bad postures and other lifestyle habits. Below are some suitable sleeping postures for people who are suffering from lower back pain and searching for a better sleep….

Can you make up for sleep debt?

Getting enough sleep is a crucial part of overall health. It helps to improve our immune system and allows the brain to process and store new information. However, many people cannot have adequate rest due to various reasons. The good news is, we can recover the benefits of sufficient sleep by taking the right steps….

Reasons for waking up tired

All of us might sometimes wake up tired, it is normal and you can have a cup of coffee or tea to fix it. However, if it happens regularly, you need to figure out what is the reason and how to prevent it.  Let’s have a look at several common causes that might lead you…

Super simple tips for better sleep

All of us might sometimes experience a bad night of sleep, which is normal. However, not all of us have known about some super simple tips that can help us to improve our sleep quantity and quality. Let’s dig into five scientific tips for better sleep below! Regularity Regularity means going to bed at the…

Yoga postures for better sleep

Yoga is known for winding down one’s day and improving overall health. There is research showing that over 55% of people who did yoga get better sleep and 85% found that yoga reduces stress. Below are certain yoga postures that can help you to enjoy better sleep and get rid of some sleeping issues. 1….

How do scents affect your sleep?

When talking about the relationship between sleep and senses, we tend to think of sound, sight, and touch instead of smell. However, there is a fact that smell can have direct impacts on both sleep quality and sleep quantity.  The way the sense of smell works There are important cells in the nose named olfactory…

Keep Your Bedroom Cool in the Summer

The sunny summer skies can lead to extremely hot nights as the sunsets. Except for AC, you still can turn your bedroom into a cool place that offers a nice night’s rest with some of our tips below! 1. Shift into lightweight blankets We tend to use blankets all the time, even in the summer….

Choosing the right mattress thickness

Mattress thickness directly affects our comfort when sleeping! Using a too thick or too thin mattress can both cause poor sleep and even several health issues. So always consider the mattress height carefully to ensure a better sense of how comfortable it is. So what to keep in mind when deciding on a mattress thickness?…