AEROFLOW Wave Mattress

The profile-cutting structure of AEROFLOW Wave mattress gently massages your whole body. Sleep tight with Aeroflow Wave mattress and enjoy a fresh wakeup!

Gentle massage

Latex-like touching

High ventilation

Surf in your dream

1. Mixel Cube

Profile-cutting structure. 90 mm thickness. The cube structure of aggregated unlimited tiny cells prompts water and air ventilation.

2. PU Foam

110 mm thickness. High elasticity helps to balance the body, minimize the impact on your sleeping partner.

3. Outer cover

Removable for washing

To help our body stay in the most natural and comfortable state when sleeping, we have researched to develop the profile-cutting structure. This particular structure helps to support your body by point, and boost blood circulation, and promotes ventilation.

Body massage

Combined between the profile-cutting structure and the ideal-elasticity base foam, AEROFLOW Wave mattress massages your whole body, leading to the relaxation and good night's periods of sleep.

Body pressure dispersal



PE Fiber

The body parts in red suffer a higher pressure compared to the rest. The chart shows that AEROFLOW Wave mattress can disperse pressure equally, which can be seen by fewer red points and replaced by blue color spread on your whole body.

Our Commitment