AEROFLOW Standard Mattress

Aeroflow Standard Mattress is made of 100% Mixel Cube that is a special PU Foam used in woman bra production. Aeroflow Standard mattress is not merely a regular mattress, but also nightwear to help you feel comfortable and cuddled.


Medium softness

Latex-like touching

High ventilation

Support the body with an ideal softness

1. Mixel Cube

120 mm thickness. The cube structure of aggregated unlimited tiny cells prompts water and air ventilation.

2. Outer cover

Removable for washing.

MIXEL CUBE is the new material INOAC Corporations exclusively researched and developed, with preeminent characteristics such as high breathability, durability, and good resilience. These characteristics are created by the aggregated structure from small material cubics.

Reliable Materials

Researched and developed for bras production, MIXEL CUBE brings a soft feel when touching, and safety to skin.

Body pressure dispersal



PE Fiber

The body parts in red suffer a higher pressure compared to the rest. The chart shows that AEROFLOW STANDARD mattress can disperse pressure equally, which can be seen by fewer red points and replaced by blue color spread on your whole body.

The mattress thickness almost remains unchanged after 80,000 compressions and releases at a compression rate of 50%.

Our Commitment