Hachiko Kids Pillow

Made from the soft and well-ventilated PU Foam, the Hachiko Kids set (including kid pillow and kid bolster) optimizes the body support and brings gentle feelings. So your kid will enjoy a perfect sleep.
Hachiko Kids stands by your kid to a good night’s sleep!

Price: 1.580.000đ/set


Kid pillow
300 x 400 (mm)

Kid bolster
160 x 600 (mm)

Stand by your child to a good night's sleep!

1. Outer cover

2. Pillow's PU Foam

3. Bolster's PU Foam

Kid pillow

The combination of Memory Foam and Contour Foam helps the pillow quickly adjust to the natural cervical curve, forming the suitable sleeping postures and generating the most comforting feeling for a good night's sleep.

Kid bolster

The smart structure brings the most comforting sleeping positions for your kids, by supporting the body and reducing numbness. Meanwhile, the parallel cutting technology along the bolster increases the ventilation during the night.

High-quality outer cover

The stretchy pillowcase is woven with high-quality technology, bringing the cooling feel and extremely soft touch, which is suitable for baby's sensitive skin.

Safe material

The PU Foam material is well-ventilated and completely safe for kids, according to the OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

There is a special gift set for your kids inside each of the product. Let Hachiko Kids accompany your kids on their journey of discovery!

Japanese-style water bottle bag

Protect the environment with your kids.

Hachiko Sticker

Unleash your child's creativity!

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