OYASUMI Tancho Mattress

The perfect combination of MEMORY FOAM and premium cold fabric SensICE brings a smooth and cool feeling, while Purotex antibacterial technology maintains a fresh sleep environment. Even more than a good night’s sleep, OYASUMI Tancho brings a wonderful sleeping experience and also cares for your health. Japanese elites for your perfect sleep!

Japanese elites for your perfect sleep!

1. Memory Foam

Memory Foam layer with a thickness of 30mm completely absorbs pressure, then disperses evenly.

2. Ume Foam

PU Foam layer with optimal elasticity helps to support different parts of the body.

3. Inotec Foam

The exclusive PU Foam layer from INOAC not only brings great ventilation and elasticity, but also enhances users' experience.

4. Torii Foam

Applied with the most accurate and modern contour-cutting technology, Torii Foam maintains the stability and durability of the mattress.

5. Outer cover

With a unique woven structure, the mattress cover is made of SensICE cold fabric combined with Purotex antibacterial technology, providing a cool and fresh sleeping environment.

Excellent support

OYASUMI Tancho is a unique combination of 4 specialized PU Foam layers.
The Memory Foam layer creates a gentle and smooth feeling in each movement, combining with the stable Torii Foam layer to optimize your sleeping experience.
Ume Foam and Inotec Foam provide not only breathability but also optimal support for each part of the body, bringing a perfect night's sleep.

Great antibacterial efficacy

Made of 100% natural probiotics, the outer cover’s fibers are equipped with Purotex technology that cleans 93.7% of dust mites and allergens, and creates a long-lasting fresh environment on the mattress surface.

Pure cooling

The mattress cover is integrated with SensICE advanced cooling fiber, therefore provides a pure cool feeling from the first contact and aids in the reduction of body heat. You will effortlessly fall asleep and get a quality rest!

Pressure dispersion


As sleeping on the mattress, the body weight mostly falls on our shoulders and lower hip, resulting in higher pressure on the skeleton in these positions. Compared to other mattresses on the market, OYASUMI Tancho is able to disperse the body pressure evenly, which can be seen by fewer red points and much more blue points spreading on the whole body.

Height165 cm
Weight67 kg

Pressure level from low to high (mmHg)

Mattress typeSensing AreaAeverage Pressure
PE fiber2383,99 cm232,91 mmHg
Latex3,913.66 cm221,93 mmHg
OYASUMI Tancho4,768.05 cm221,93 mmHg
  • The greater the contact area, the better the ability to support the body.
  • The smaller the average pressure, the better the ability of pressure dispersion.

With OYASUMI Tancho mattress, more body sensing area and lower average pressure provide a more uniform distribution of body pressure.

Comparison table of sleeping positions

Longitudinal axisThe settlement of the body on the mattress (mm)
Horizontal axisBody height (mm)

PE Fiber mattress

Latex mattress

OYASUMI Tancho mattress

The test shows that OYASUMI Tancho mattress has the ability to support your bone structure in a natural state, assisting blood circulation and reducing pains in the body parts that subject to high pressure.

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