A fluffy cushion wraps around your body, suitable when using a smartphone. Unfold the seat cushion and relax even more comfortably!


Dimensions940 mm (W) x 790 – 1120 mm (D) x 430 mm (H)
Upholstery100% polyester
Cushion materialPU foam
Country of productionMade in Japan

01. Thiết kế nhỏ gọn nhưng hoàn toàn thoải mái

01. Free to lie down when using a smartphone!

Spread out the seat cushion or fold it up. Enjoy the comfort with your smartphone in the posture you like best.


Easy to lean your neck and back on.

Face up

Does not slip backward while you are sitting.

Face down

The cushion volume even makes lying on your stomach comfortable.


Comfortable when you are just sitting.

02. Kích thước nhỏ gọn

02. Fluffiness helps you nap

The cushion completely wraps around your body. Comfortably fluffy in many postures.

03. Dễ dàng để sử dụng

03. Spread the seat cushion to create your own area

Spread the seat cushion and lean your body back and relax. The cushion does not slip backward.

04. Reliable Japanese manufacturing

04. Sản phẩm đáng tin cậy với xuất xứ từ Nhật Bản

INOAC first succeeded in manufactur- ing polyurethane foam in Japan. 40-years experienced craftspeople proudly produce Light Furniture from Yamanashi factory.

05. Công nghệ đổ khuôn Foam

05. Select from three colors

The luxurious and smooth fabric upholstery with calm, and trendy botanical colors enables you to enjoy a natural atmosphere.