Revive kotatsu life!
Seating comfort is pursued. Softness of the seat, robustness of the seat back are featured.
Low seat back keeps your room simple.


Dimensions650 mm (W) x 960 – 1480 mm (D) x 240 – 740mm (H)
Structural MaterialMetal (Steel)
Upholstery100% polyester
Cushion MaterialPU foam
Country Of ProductionMade in Japan

Thiết kế nhỏ gọn nhưng hoàn toàn thoải mái

01. Half-seat back offers stability in sitting

Kích thước nhỏ gọn

02. Sit with your legs crossed; easy to sit down and stand up

Dễ dàng để sử dụng

03. Compact size

Low seat doesn’t crowd the room. Stacking saves space.

04. Reliable technology by mold

Mold process used in car seat. The seat is soft; the backside is hard, for more comfortable. Craftsmen with pride produce from Yamanashi factory.

Công nghệ đổ khuôn Foam

06. Select from five colors

Selected fabrics are easy to fit into any concept of interior or room. 5 colors in total.