9 Interesting Facts about Dreams You Will Love to Know!

Ngày đăng: 19/03/2021
Ngày cập nhật: 19/03/2021

Naturally, each of us spends around ⅓ of our life sleeping. And when we sleep, we dream!  It seems normal from the outside; however, if you pay attention, you will find many interesting facts about dreams that not many people know. 

Below is a list of fun facts that we believe will surprise you at least once. Let’s start!

1. Animals also dream!

Animals also dream, but in a way that is a little different. Scientists have proved that some species’ sleep phases are similar to humans’. So maybe your dog or cat also has such interesting dreams as you or any other members of the family.

2. Meet familiar faces

The faces that you see in your dreams are always the ones that you have seen before, whether you remember or not. There are several areas of the brain, which are in charge of facial recognition, activate at the highest level during deep sleep. 

3. Remember or forget?

Normally, we do have several dreams every night. However, the majority of us (even 95%) cannot remember them. This is normal and there is nothing to worry about!

4. Nightmare

You might often hear that nightmares are caused by the materials of a horror movie. However, more than half of these bad dreams come from negative emotions, such as sadness and guilt. 

5. Dreams happen at specific stages of sleep

We normally go through 3 phases of sleep every night. The first phase includes 3 stages, and one of them is called REM. REM often happens 90 minutes after you fall asleep. During this stage, your body is fully relaxed while your brain is active. Therefore, we tend to dream at this time.

6. Paul McCartney dreamt about the melody of “Yesterday”

Paul McCartney composed “Yesterday” melody during his dream when sleeping at his girlfriend’s house.

7. Dreams are different among genders

“Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”, and this is true when it comes to dreaming. According to some studies, men’s dreams are more about violent themes or fighting. Meanwhile, women’s dreams might be related to fear of rejection or other fears.

8. As a “cleaning shift” for the brain

In our lives, we get a lot of information and too many events happen. The thing is that many of them are not necessary. Surprisingly, dreams have the ability to help strengthen important memories. Meanwhile, the unimportant information will be weakened and get lost.

9. Dream in black and white

Many people often see their dreams in black and white. According to scientists, this is a generational thing. The elderly tend to have black and white dreams since they remember television before colorful television was born.

As you might see, there are many interesting things about sleep and dreams that few of us have known. The art of sleep is more complicated than it seems and there are many things waiting for us to get to know!

Source: Brightside

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