How to choose the best pillow for your sleeping position?

Ngày đăng: 05/10/2021
Ngày cập nhật: 05/10/2021

We all know that pillows help us feel more comfortable and get to sleep easier. However, more than that, using the right pillow is the key to alignment. It keeps your spine neutral and supports the natural cervical curve of your neck and back. Therefore, in addition to your personal preference, you should also pay attention to your sleep position when choosing a pillow.

Back sleepers

People who sleep on the back just need a little support for their spine to rest in its natural shape. With this sleeping posture, it is easier for your cervical spine to be aligned. So back sleepers will need a low and soft pillow to avoid stressing the neck. Using a too high pillow might generate negative effects on the blood flow circulation and cause neck pain in the long term.

Side sleepers

Not like the back sleepers, side sleepers will require lots of support from the pillow. Their head and neck need lifting and support to keep their spine aligned. Therefore, their pillow would be higher than that of a back sleeper. Also, side sleepers might consider a pillow with a medium-firm level to prevent their head from sinking down and letting the spine out of the neutral alignment.

Stomach sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach will lead to a lot of stress and pressure on your neck and spine, placing your cervical spine into a twist. A high pillow can make your head craned upwards and your posture will be out of alignment. Therefore, stomach sleepers will find a thin pillow suitable for them as it will not lift their head too high or make the twist worse. The right pillow will help to support the spine natural C curve, preventing head and neck pain.

Let’s have a look at the OYASUMI and AEROFLOW pillow collection, including different products that are designed for your personal preference and sleeping position:

OYASUMI Seika pillow

The contour shape surface is designed to embrace and support the natural curve of the neck and head. Cool feelings come from not only the special yarn of the outer cover but also the highly ventilated PU Foam inside.

AEROFLOW iCool pillow

Optimized design specifically for the head and neck, not only supporting and putting you into the appropriate sleeping position but also bringing you superior comfort and airflow.

OYASUMI pillow

The design is specially optimized for the head and neck parts, not only supporting and placing you into the appropriate sleeping position but also bringing you great comfort and ventilation.

AEROFLOW fCloud Pillow

AEROFLOW fCloud pillow is the perfect combination of Memory Foam and Microfiber. This combination not only brings you a soft feeling but also supports your neck and bone structure in a natural shape. 

We hope that our recommendations have helped you to select the right pillow for yourself and your loved ones. Have a good night!

Source: Independent UK

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