Keep Your Bedroom Cool in the Summer

Ngày đăng: 25/06/2021
Ngày cập nhật: 25/06/2021

The sunny summer skies can lead to extremely hot nights as the sunsets. Except for AC, you still can turn your bedroom into a cool place that offers a nice night’s rest with some of our tips below!

1. Shift into lightweight blankets

We tend to use blankets all the time, even in the summer. However, lightweight blankets are recommended in the summer since it is lighter and more breathable. You can also select your blanket in a simple pattern or a soft color for an airy vibe.

2. Opt for light cotton sheets

Summer is the time to treat yourself to some lightweight cotton sheets. You might want to select sheets made of extra-long staple cottons such as Pima or Egyptian. They are able to bring the softest and coolest feelings. 

Look for pastel or white sheets that can boost psychological cooling. You need a comfortable space without any clutter to completely enjoy a good night’s sleep after a long day!

3. Cooldown your pillow

Even with an AC, you might still meet a sweaty pillow that makes you toss and turn during the summer night. Consider putting a gel-filled cooling mat on the pillow surface, or just simply choosing a pillow that is made of cooling fiber. It will help to cool your head down and encourage air ventilation, keeping your neck dry through the night.

4. Humidify the air

Even if you are living in a humid climate, the AC can reduce the humidity indoors and leave you with several health issues. With the help of a humidifier, you will be provided with enough moisture to keep you cool and comfy. 

Don’t forget to clean it and change the water every day to ensure there are no molds. Place it near your bedside to optimize the effects!

5. Choose the cooling mattress

The mattress is a crucial part of your bedroom and your sleep environment. Choosing the right mattress will help to reduce the heat and bring comfort all night long. 

You might want to consider mattresses that are applied with cooling fabric. The AEROFLOW topper is equipped with a cooling cover, which remains after washing many times. It helps you to feel cooler and more comfortable on summer nights.

Hopefully, you will find our tips useful for you during these hot summer days. Cooling down your room can help to bring perfect sleep every night and protect your health!

Source: The Spruce

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