Yoga postures for better sleep

Ngày đăng: 16/07/2021
Ngày cập nhật: 16/07/2021

Yoga is known for winding down one’s day and improving overall health. There is research showing that over 55% of people who did yoga get better sleep and 85% found that yoga reduces stress. Below are certain yoga postures that can help you to enjoy better sleep and get rid of some sleeping issues.

1. Standing half forward bend

This pose allows you to stretch your legs and back after such a long day sitting in front of your laptop. You might find it hard in the beginning, but this is helpful for your musculoskeletal system in the long term.

  • Open your feet wide as your hips.
  • Press your hands against the wall with your palms widely opened.
  • Step back and lower your body till it turns into a flat back position.
  • To lengthen your back, press the wall away by using your palms.
  • Adjust the distance between you and the wall to make sure your torso is at a 90-degree angle. 
  • Keep your ears in line with your arms and breathe deeply.

2. Wide-knee child’s pose

Wide-knee child’s pose enables a sense of inner peace and calm. However, you might need to be careful if you are having any knee or hip pain.

  • Bring your big toes together and set apart your knees as wide as your hips.
  • Sink your body onto your thighs.
  • With your palms facing up, relax your hands along your body. Keep your shoulder blades away from each other to release the tension.

3. Reclining bound angle

By doing this posture, you might ease the tension in your groin and hips area. But you should be cautious if you suffer from hip, knee, or groin injuries. 

  • Lie down on the mat.
  • Bend your knees and keep them far from each other.
  • Put the soles of your feet together.
  • Let your arms relax on the floor with your palms facing upward.
  • Do not press on your knees, you should feel like your groin and hips are gently stretching without any pain.

4. Legs up the wall

After such a long day, your ankles and feet can get swollen and painful. Legs up the wall pose might be the solution for you as it helps to enhance your blood flow. 

  • Place your mat perpendicular to the wall.
  • Sit down and bring your torso to the wall as close as possible.
  • Lie down on the mat and gently place your legs up the wall.
  • Put your arms by your sides and relax.

5. Corpse pose

This is the final resting pose of yoga practice. With this pose, you can let your breath back to normal. 

  • Lie on the mat.
  • Hug your knees in towards your chest and inhale.
  • Exhale and straighten your legs away. 
  • Relax your feet away from each other, towards the edges of the mat.
  • Relax your lower back and your arms, palms facing the ceiling.

Keep practicing these yoga postures before bedtime and stay from 3 to 5 minutes at each pose. They would help to relieve stress and tension after a long and tiring day. By this, you will fall asleep easier and get better sleep. 

Source: Harvard Health Blog

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