5 Most Common Causes Of Insomnia

Ngày đăng: 10/01/2021
Ngày cập nhật: 10/01/2021

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is becoming more and more popular these days. Its symptoms include having problems getting to sleep, interrupted sleep, as well as sleeping longer in the morning. Having insomnia in a long time will generate various negative effects on both metal and physical health.

Understanding about insomnia will help you to effectively prevent and treat this disorder, in order to improve your living standards. In this article, INOAC will help you to figure out what are the most common reasons causing insomnia!


Scientists have proven that stress can stimulate a severe reaction in the body that challenges our sleep quality. Stress comes from social relationships, work, study, etc. Furthermore, many people might get chronic stress since they usually have to face traumatic situations. 

Stress can cause negative impacts on both physical and mental health. The thing is that insomnia itself is one source of stress; therefore, it will get harder and harder to break the cycle of insomnia and stress.


Unhealthy lifestyle is also one of the main reasons causing insomnia. Some habits seem normal and very popular; however, they are super harmful to your sleep quality:

  • Napping late after lunch or in the evening makes it harder to fall asleep at night
  • Going to bed late at night and waking up late in the morning to make up for lost sleep will mix up your body’s clock, including your sleep schedule
  • Stimulating the brain by working late or playing video games at night
  • Overeating or drinking alcohol/caffeine can cause not only insomnia but also interrupt and non-restorative sleep

All of these habits might generate negative impacts on your sleep quality, resulting in insomnia in the long term. So be careful if you are having one of these unhealthy lifestyles!

Irregular sleep schedule

An ideal sleep schedule will follow the daily module of day and night. However, many people have the unhealthy sleep schedules that can misalign their internal clock. Shift work and jet lag are two most popular examples of irregular sleep schedules. While jet lag causes a person to not be able to adjust to an immediate change in time zone, shift work forces us to sleep during the day and work all night. In the long term, this will result in both insomnia and fragmented circadian rhythm.

Physical illness as well as mental health disorder

Any physical illness can cause insomnia since it directly affects your feelings when lying in bed. Some specified pain like back pain can even amplify your suffering and will definitely prevent you from lying down comfortably. Therefore, all types of illness will challenge your sleep quality and quantity, leading to short-term and even chronic insomnia or sleep disorder.

People with back pain seem to suffer the most from insomnia, so selecting a right mattress is very important for them. 


Another reason causing insomnia might be medications. Some medications like anti-asthma or blood pressure drugs can create many side effects, including sleeping problems. Meanwhile, some flu drugs might cause us to fall asleep during the day and stay awake at night.

Some people even find it harder to sleep well after they stop taking medicine as their body needs some time to get used to it.

Also, the reasons causing insomnia are quite different in different people. However, scientists have proven that the number of people, including both the youth and the elderly, who are suffering from insomnia is increasing overtime. Therefore, knowing what are the main reasons of insomnia and understanding your body are the best ways to prevent and resolve this serious health problem!

INOAC hopes that you will find our advice and information useful for you and your beloved ones! We wish you health and happiness!

Source: Sleep Foundation

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