Choosing the right mattress thickness

Ngày đăng: 18/06/2021
Ngày cập nhật: 18/06/2021

Mattress thickness directly affects our comfort when sleeping! Using a too thick or too thin mattress can both cause poor sleep and even several health issues. So always consider the mattress height carefully to ensure a better sense of how comfortable it is.

So what to keep in mind when deciding on a mattress thickness?

An ordinary mattress thickness might be from 9cm to 25cm or even higher. Usually, thick mattresses are associated with comfort and luxury. However, it comes with a higher price, too. And it does not mean that the thicker a mattress, the better it becomes. There are important factors that you should consider to come up with the right mattress height.

Sleeping position

Some sleeping positions need more support, while other postures require more cushioning. 

  • Back sleeping: It is recommended that back sleepers use a mattress from 9cm to 15cm. Mattresses with these heights can support the spine natural curve and avoid spinal misalignment. 
  • Side sleeping: Side sleepers might need a mattress with higher thickness than back sleepers. 15cm to 25cm thick mattresses will offer more cushion to the hips and shoulders of side sleepers. 
  • Stomach sleeping: People who sleep on their upside-down might find a mattress from 9cm to 15cm in height comfortable. A thinner mattress provides a firmer sleeping surface, leading to a resistance to the compression beneath their abdomen.

Body type

Lightweight sleepers (less than 60kg) will find a mattress of 20cm and even thicker comfort. Meanwhile, average sleepers (from 60 to 100kg) feel better on a medium-height mattress (15cm to 22cm). Choosing a suitable mattress will help to relieve pressure points and prevent aches.

The number of sleepers

Sharing a bed with your partner also means higher pressure on your mattress than sleeping alone. When there is more pressure, thin mattresses can easily become sagging after a while of use. Therefore, you might want to consider a mattress that is at least 15 to 22cm thick.

Height of bed

Don’t forget to check your bed height before deciding on the mattress. If your bed is low, you might want to choose a thick mattress so that you can get in and out of bed easier and feel more comfortable. However, when your bed is too high already, it is better to choose a medium mattress so your bedroom will look better and you will find it more convenient.

Depending on your personal preference and several important factors mentioned above, you can quickly come up with the right mattress. A high-quality mattress with appropriate thickness will protect your health and bring you the most comfort!

Source: Amerisleep

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