How to choose a mattress for side sleepers?

Ngày đăng: 04/06/2021
Ngày cập nhật: 04/06/2021

Sleeping on one’s side is one of the most popular sleeping postures. Even though sleeping on your back is recommended as the best sleeping position, side sleeping also brings several benefits such as breathing improvement and better digestion.

So how to choose the best mattress for side sleepers?

Mattress firmness

We tend to subjectively measure the comfort of a mattress based on its firmness. For people who sleep on their side, mattress firmness decides how much the hips and shoulders sink into the mattress. This will directly affect the spine alignment. A soft to medium-firm mattress could be the right choice for side sleepers as it is able to support the shoulders better.

People with different body weights might have different experiences with the same mattress. The reason is that heavier people will press deeper into the mattress and vice versa. Therefore, side sleepers should consider both their weight and personal preferences to select the most comfortable firmness level.


Each type of mattress has both pros and cons for side sleepers. However, contouring is one of the most important features when choosing a mattress for side sleepers. One plus of foam mattresses is the ability to support the pressure areas like shoulders and hips, from then keep the spine aligned. Also, memory foam is proven to contour closely the shape of the body. This will reduce the pains and conform to the body shape.

Quality materials

The material quality will decide the durability of a mattress. Even though a mattress made of high-quality materials might be more expensive, it will last longer and be a valuable investment. This also directly affects consumers’ sleep quality and health.

The Japanese foam mattresses from INOAC are proudly made of high-quality foam, which has high ventilation and great resilience. Our mattresses are able to disperse the pressure equally, bringing perfect sleep and ensuring consumer health.

Hopefully, you will find our suggestion helpful when selecting the right mattress for side sleepers. Wish you health and happiness!

Source: Sleep Foundation

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